I am a 23-year-old literature connoisseur, media scholar and pop-culture aficionado from New Delhi, India.

I find my inspiration from (and have always been naturally inclined towards) an eclectic range of art forms – golden age detective fiction, postfeminist television series, open space graffiti, Indian graphic novels, magical realist prose, Victorian poetry, postmodern art, coffee house playlists, postcolonial discourse and contemporary cinema, to name a few.

This blog emerges from an intellectual pursuit to explore the ways in which culture is produced and consumed, and what the semantic basis for representations of culture to occur is.

I’m always up for good conversation. Hit me up at arushimathur95@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @arushimathur9.


  1. In tis bewilderingly beautiful age,
    Where true has become what they could envisage;

    Where into the vastness of infinite space humans have set sail,
    I long for thee to CHECK thou e-mail.

    • A lady(forgive me) of your charm and wits can indeed never be too careful . My name is James, and my id is codebleed3@gmail.com. And as your Prefrontal cortex might have guessed by now, yes I am hitting on you. I hope your aristocracy wouldn’t come in the way of what otherwise seems to me as the onset of a very pleasant relationship with you.

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